April 2019

Weeping Over a Dead Christ

John 20:13-18

Sorrow and Joy in Remembering

John 19:31-37; John 16:20

March 2019

Bottled Tears

Psalm 56:8

Today’s Your Lucky Day?

Acts 20: 7-12

February 2019

I Believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Acts 8:25-40

Two Men, Two Destinations

Luke 16:19-31

Looking for Help?

Psalm 123

January 2019

Being Insulted for the Name of Christ is a Blessing

1 Peter 4:14

All of Us Devoted to the Word of God and Prayer

Acts 6:1-7; 1Timothy 3:8-13

This is My Body Which is Given for You; Do This in Rememberance of Me

Luke 22:19